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Makai Glass Creations is more than just a team of glass artists they’re entertainers as well! The art of glassblowing truly begins in the performance of creating the pieces. This form of entertainment will dazzle, intrigue and impress your guests beyond anything they’ve experienced. Why? No other glass artist has a portable glassblowing studio quite like Makai’s. It is the first ever of its kind in 4000 years of glassmaking history.

Glassblowing is a dynamic art form combining ancient techniques with modern technology. Makai’s traveling glassblowing performance creates a unique affair for any special event and will be sure to have your guests talking for years!


Makai Glass will turn any event into an experience of a lifetime.

  • Wedding/Rehearsal Receptions
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries/Holidays
  • Bar mitzvah/Hanukkah
  • Corporate Events
  • Family events
  • Tour Groups
  • Any private party

Your guests will have the unparalleled experience of being mesmerized by professional glass artists creating magnificent works of art—blowing and shaping the glass at nearly the same temperature as molten lava. Makai’s team of artisans will give your guests their full attention, answering any questions they may have, while astounding them with their talent and beautiful glass creations.

Give the Gift of Glass

Your guests will be so blown away and captivated by the event that they’ll feel this was a gift in itself! However, in addition to Makai’s glassblowing performance, there is also an opportunity to give the gift of glass to your guests. Makai will create special gifts LIVE at your event while your guests watch in awe!

Makai offers party packages with options for every budget. Whether you want a small parting gift for each guest, just for specific guests or couples, or wish to splurge for the guests of honor—Makai will accommodate your wishes and provide your party with unique glass gifts that will surely impress everyone.

Consider these options of glass pieces made specifically for your guests during the live performance. Here are some ideas of glass gifts requested in the past:*

  • Whale tail, wave and pineapple bottle stoppers for wine and olive oil made with 100% food grade stainless steel (Guests love these!)
  • Ornaments for windows or tree decoration
  • Candle votives
  • Small whale tail sculptures and ocean waves
  • Custom wine goblets (Most Popular)

*Depending on the size of the party and time frame allotted for the event, not all gifts may be made during the glassblowing performance. Please inquire for more details.


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Makawao, HI 96768

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